Featured Look's

Figured today's "Featured Look's" HAD to be summery clothes since the sun is finally out in Seattle!!!

I've always been obsessed with 2-Piece Set's, I think they are so fun!!! Usually the one's I like end up being $75 (rolling eyes emoji). SO. I thought I'd link some of my favorite ones - each one is under $20!

White Rose 2-Piece Set

I've gotten such good positive feedback on this little white rose 2-piece set! I'm convinced it makes you look extra tan too ;)

It has a cute little bow in the back, so lightweight with that hot summer sun coming out that we're not used to!!! 

Get this exact set for $20 attached below!!! : 

White Rose 2-Piece Set

Tropical Print 2-Piece Set

How cute is this one too!! & for $13!! Sign me up!!

I love how effortless these set's are. All you have to do is put em on & run out the door!!! I always second guess my outfits & end up taking 10 hrs to get ready so this is perfect for me!! 

Get them below! 

Tropical Print 2-Piece Set