AKA POST THE MOST AMAZING DAY OF OUR LIVES!!! HI YOU GUYS!!! I'm a married woman now!!! & I am so excited to share our honeymoon with you guys in this post!! (Official wedding post is still in the works, but will be coming soon!!!). Just teasing you guys with some pics Laura Gedeon (@lauragedeon) snapped for us!!! 



I obviously didn't get everything, I wanted to enjoy my honeymoon!!! But I wanted to be able to share a little of it with you all!!! & more details will be below in this post!! Hope you love it! 



I still can't believe the Wedding & Honeymoon how fast it FLASHED by. Me & B stayed at a hotel in Seattle on the night of our wedding (well, kind of... we had to be at the airport at 3!!! LOL oh man). But it didn't even matter!!! The night after the best day of your life & on your way to paradise.. you really don't mind the early morning!!! At least I didn't I was so excited hehe. 

ALSO I felt so prepped & ready for our honeymoon thanks to WeddingWire handling my last minute freak outs!! I found myself freaking out days before my honeymoon & they had ALL the answers to my questions and even forums to have discussions with other brides!! One of my freakout's was "Do I bring my wedding ring?!?" & they had that almost exact forum!!! & also other discussions that showed opinions & advice for honeymooning in Cancun. I'm pathetic I know that I worry so much HAHA, but it's nice that other brides were having the same worries lol! Here's the link if you're a bride and wanna take a look too ;) - WeddingWire Honeymoon

We got there so late the first night we just grabbed sushi & crashed!! (There will be a lot of talk about food in this post because it was an all inclusive LOL I don't think I can go back to non-all inclusive's!! We were in HEAVEN). 


1ST, 2ND & 3RD DAY

Our morning breakfast view!!! I. was. dying. First of all breakfast is my fav meal (if you couldn't tell by my plate of food LOL don't judge - most important meal of the day). & again all inclusive life so why not have a few bites of everything hehe. 


Our first day was so nice & relaxing!!! We chilled all day then went off into town! B got me this cute sun hat I had been looking for one so he had fun bargaining it down for me ;) ALSO did you know they give you shots of tequila while shopping?! HAHA I was like alright not a bad gig!!! 

DAY 2 & 3!!! No pics but you can see some of what we did in the video!! Day 2 was our spa day. so nice. The spa was incredible & all the amenities made it so relaxing!!! Our 3rd day poor B was sick so we were in all day!! But it actually kind of worked out because their was a tropical storm that day so we just hung out, watched movies, ordered room service & got a chance to really talk about our wedding!!! I'm convinced I have the best husband ever!!! 



Okay, you can probably tell just how I look lol I'm not much of an "activities" girl. My activities usually involve on vacations laying on a cozy chair with a drink & tanning. & only getting up to eat/dip in the pool. That's my kind of fun, BUT I have to admit. This water park B wanted to go to was actually really fun. He gets me out of my comfort zone aka my beach chair ;)

This water park Xel-ha was SO cool. They had snorkeling, swimming sting rays (no I didn't do that), cliff diving, zip lining, and SO many cool things!!! We went on this massive waterslide they have (you can see in my left photo it's the tall spiral building lol)! It's the tallest waterslide in the northern hemisphere & I SWEAR I couldn't breathe the whole way down : ) HAHA but it was cool, I'm just a baby!!! 



AH!!! Omg we were both freaking out when we went here!!!! We heard that Isla Mujeres (an island across from us) was rated #7 in the world for best beach!!! LETTTSSS GOO. 


We had so much fun exploring this little island!!! I think we floated on my little pineapple floatie that I brought with us for about 4 hrs LOL my forehead was a tomato. 

& of course I begged B for a coconut : ) He's such a sweety he searched everywhere for one!!). 

IMG_5018 2.JPG

& now on to my activity choice ;) HAHA this is seriously my idea of fun though!!! Me & B had a romantic dinner on the beach with our own private chef & everything!!! It was just us out there it was so beautiful & perfect!!! 



Actually one of our favorite days!! We just got to chill all day & lay on our chairs & in the pool it was so relaxing!! We've concluded that we need more of that on future vacations!!! 


And to top it off the most ROMANTIC dinner cruise!! (I chose this activity too hehe) But so amazing they made us dance on the boat (which I was all about) and we got to watch the sunset while we ate & drank our little hearts away!! So unforgettable! 

We headed back home Saturday night and was bombarded with presents (not a terrible thing) and lots of food stocked up by our sweet family!! It's been so much fun setting up our little studio and life together!!! More wedding pics and the scoop on our life coming soon!!! 



& thank you WeddingWire for sponsoring this post!!