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My most usual question... "How are you sooooo tan??!? Living in Seattle??" or "What ethnicity are you?!" HAHA. I'm fully white - BUT very tan!!! Hehe. 

So How Do I Stay Tan?

By the BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE!!! I've been doing this literally every since 10th grade, because it's been THAT worth it people!!! Also avoids anti-aging & skin cancer which is the biggest reason I prefer Spray Tanning! 

I have a spray tan membership at Desert Sun !!! It only costs me $50 a month, which to me in the grand scheme of things is seriously SO WORTH IT! I try to go at the beginning and end of the week (sometimes 3x a week if I really need it hehe). 

Can You Tell When It's Fading? Does It Leave Weird Spotting?

Seriously you guys no!!! It's literally always been such a good experience! Back in the day I tried a different tanning salon & it did leave spotting so I did not like it at the time HAHA. But now I rave about spray tanning to everyone!! But I'd stick to Desert Sun if you have a nearby location!! Haha. 


What Is the Spray Tan Machine Like? Any Tips For Beginners?

It's not intimidating at all HAHA. And they are so friendly at all the Desert Sun's I've been to at least! My first few times Spray Tanning I'd ask the staff for help if I was clueless - so make sure to do that if it's your first time! They'll show you everything you need to know! I lotionize (is that a word lol). I lotionize (hehe) on my feet & hands to keep the tan even! And they also have hair masks that I use to avoid it going on my hair! I know some people are different. I used to let the machine spray my face, currently I'm covering my face so it doesn't hit my skin. BUT I used to let it hit my face every time so it doesn't really matter - whatever you prefer! 

Okay this is the end of my schpeel!!! I get lots of questions so I figured I'd do a very specific post on all the nitty gritty details! Let me know if you have anymore questions!!! 





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