Guys.. Seriously less than a week. THIS IS CRAZY. I honestly feel like it hasn't hit me & won't until the day before or something!! Like.. I'M GETTING MARRIED.


Okay so call me lame, but I had so much fun!!! Me & my bridesmaids/closest friends went out to dinner at my FAV restaurant for my party!! Nothing wild - just a glass of champagne HAHA (but omg I do love champagne. I was so excited!!).

Bastille is right in Ballard & it's the cutest little french restaurant!! Secretly wanted to go for their AMAZING fries with that truffle sauce though, let's be real. I also love the tartare, clams, & croquet madame. YUM.


SO many people have been asking me about my custom snapchat geofilter for my bachelorette party!! Wasn't it so cute?! It made the night so fun when everyone was posting!!! 

SO. Here's the deal. WeddingWire just launched this new tool & I was so excited about it I had to try it!! I'm so bummed I missed out on it for my Bridal shower, but it's okay because I think I'm gonna get one for my wedding day now!! Hehe. 

I was so confused at first like, oh no I'm not "techy" at all how will I figure this out. How will it automatically come on? How do I design it? But seriously it's SO easy. You get to choose a general template & customize it, select the date, location, & there you go! Then It will send you an email & there you have it! Right at my dinner it popped up, so easy! I've linked where you can make yours below so you can play around with it a little!! 

P.S. I highly recommend it for a surprise little present to someone!!! So fun!

WeddingWire Snapchat Tool

Anyways, back to the night!! I got the yummiest clams & fries (not pictured, probably already eaten). So yummy! & you can't forget the champagne of course!!! Not to mention ending the night with that Madeline cake *drooling emoji*

Oh my gosh, I get so easily embarrassed!!! It was definitely fun getting all the cute little gifts though!! I know Brandon will be thankful to everyone who contributed as well ;) lol.

I felt SO overly spoiled & loved by you guys!!! Thank you for making me the most excited bride!! I'm so glad I get to share this fun experience with everyone!!

& very thankful to have gals who talk with me through the crazy wedding emotions!! Overly in love/nervousness/you name it!! So much chatting & drinking champagne/wine - literally the most PERFECT CELEBRATION!!! 

Cheers to 4 MORE DAYS!!!! & a very special thank you to WeddingWire for sponsoring this post!!!